Current Programme

Student Scholarships


Inclusive Education Africa enables marginalised children to go to school  by offering education scholarships to attend our partner schools. 

Our main partner school Multikids Inclusive Academy (MKA) is the first international inclusive school in Ghana. With a vision that reaches into the community, as well as one that provides an excellent international education. 

It was co-founded in 2010 by Amanda Budge. The school embodies 'every child matters' - all are included regardless of ability, need, gender and economic status. We have to date placed 8 children with complex learning needs in MKA on education scholarships. 



By supporting our work you are:

  • supporting the most vulnerable and marginalised children and their families.
  • enabling children with SEND to be part of a community of learners who will grow up together
  • helping children with SEND to step out into the world as young adults with a clear vision to be active working citizens of their country.

For more information on Multikids Inclusive Academy: