Butterfly House


We support the building of a long term therapeutic and creative living environment which will provide sanctuary to abandoned children with SEND.

There are currently 20 children who have been abandoned by their families and find themselves destitute – there is nowhere else for them to go. 

They are living in a children's ward of a psychiatric hospital not because they have mental health illnesses, but because they have special needs.

This ward was built as an assessment unit and as such these young people are deprived of any sensory input.

Meet Kofi

Kofi was abandoned in a grave yard because he has cerebral palsy. He was brought by a stranger to the children's ward of a psychiatric hospital. He has been in this ward for seven years but in this time his condition has worsened. This is due to the inhumane conditions he is currently living in: his curved spine is putting both his health and wellbeing at severe risk.

Watch the BBC short film 'A Place for Kofi':


Next steps

To fulfil the mandate of Ghana's new Mental Health Act the Head of the Hospital has said she was ready to work hand in hand with Inclusive Education Africa to create Butterfly House: a sensory, safe, therapeutic environment where these 20 abandoned young people can live with dignity, in a family setting, and begin to unwind the damage done.

With your help we will:

  • Ensure excellent health care, therapy, nutrition and wellbeing to these young people
  • Help us build a long term home which will provide sanctuary for these young people
  • Create a meaningful therapeutic programme for each person

If you think you can help in any way please get in touch.